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SuperRhymer is just as his name entails, a super rhymer, a fiery one at that. The first I heard him rap was years ago on an Arkmed 902’s single. In the single the two rappers traded bars with an impressive hunger. But I grew tired of the song soon after. Why? For me, SuperRhymer was nothing more than a rapper who could spit fast. When you’re on the critical listening end of rap music, it’s never easy accepting a fast rapper for the principal reason that he can carelessly say anything and sound dope. SuperRhymer, however, challenges my distorted view of this upon listening to his much-anticipated EP, Takeover.

Confident, energetic and collected, SuperRhymer drives you through an explosive 7-track journey. The charisma he embodies is ultimately something you don’t get every day in the Christian Hip Hop (CHH) circles. With so many twists and turns in style and content of the genre, SuperRhymer maintains his prowess and prolific stance of a believer hungry for the creator. He raises the “Unashamed” banner that echoes throughout the EP.

Pressure sets the tone and motion of this EP. From the onset, SuperRhymer spits expressive gems on how the pressure of sin weighs him down despite him being a believer. He owns the mic with every bar and expresses his desperate need for change. This track serves as a great opener with a memorable trap sound and a guest appearance from the gritty, Solomon Plate. SuperRhymer’s communication and echo for the need of a savior rings through every track that follows to the banger Roll Out. Having made enough buzz on various social platforms, Roll Out is a nostalgic conqueror’s anthem. Nostalgic for me in the sense that it took me back to the good old days of the Gospel Activist movement. This was a movement, popular for its bold proclamation of faith through banging anthems. 

The features SuperRhymer brings on board this journey work well and complement his skill. A notable feature is that of Church on the controversial, Kompo. Church is one of the most talented and creative Zed CHH rappers of our generation. His witty flows, lyrical cadence and punch-lines get you in-tuned every time he raps. That said, despite its amazing flow and sound, Kompo is cocky and comes off self-absorbed and deviates from the concept of the EP. Christian rap has evolved over time and it’s high time it got passed the “us vs them” mentality. Yes, we can boast humbly in the Lord, but genuinely not obnoxiously. We are to proclaim love, not division.

The tape wraps up superbly on another celebratory note. Production courtesy of Mag 44, Twasansaula is an affirmation of SuperRhymer’s joy of being in Christ.

My final thoughts: SuperRhymer has the bars, skill and versatility to command the ear of any listener. Like I stated earlier in this review, this tape will appeal primarily those young in the faith. Many are saying this is the best project to come out of Zed CCH circles since Jo-Z J and Stone’s #Treasure. This marks as a fair entry point and introduction of who SuperRhymer is into the ailing Zed CHH genre. My only hope is, with time, SuperRhymer gets to do more ground work and have a broader view of life for both the believer and non-believer. If ever you wanted bars, anthems and hype rhymes Take Over is that remedy.

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Here are ratings:

Production: 5/5

Lyrics: 4/5

Creativity: 3.5/5

Delivery: 3.5/5

Concept: 4/5

Kountapoint Ratings: 4/5

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