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Ministering the Word (MtW) are that Hip Hop crew you wish were more consistent with their releases; partly because you know how immensely talented they are and want the whole world to know, and partly because of the blissful effect their music has on you.

Anyway, introductory anecdotes aside, MtW are back with another good track—albeit sinfully short—featuring relatively well known Copperbelt CHH rapper—Will, who like his musical compatriots, MtW, has been quiet for a while now.

The song starts with singer, Lucy, chanting a well-known mantra among the Christian circles:

“It’s your love that took our my sins,

It’s your love that made me holy and clean…”

While her voice has that amazing soulful Amy Winehouse-ish emotional flavor to it, she struggles with certain high-notes and audibility of certain words.

Thereafter, Will fires a beastly verse, almost like he was trying to remind anyone who might have been living under the illusion that he had fallen off, that they are sourly mistaken. And setting up the track for an explosive energy that never lets up.

After Will is done, RafaEli Vans of MtW, flexes and flexes. MtW’s panache, aggression and syllabification in vernacular (Nyanja & Bemba) is something you won’t hear much of anywhere else. However, like shooting himself in the leg, RafaEli’s switch mid-verse to English—if only for a few bars—was a problem. The difference in skill was glaringly evident. He isn’t that good rapping in that dialect. He is not bad either…he should have played to his strengths; until such a time that he can equally flex in that language too.

All in all, this jam is fire. Not their best, but fire. I feel these fellas can do so much more if they push themselves. They are that talented. It was an honor to dissect this track. Rush over to Kountapoint, and put some Buzz on that playlist by downloading this banger here.

Buzz Rating:

Production: 3/5

Lyrics 3.5/5

Delivery: 4.5/5

Concept: 3.5/5

Creativity: 4/5

Overall Buzz: 3.7/5




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