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Lo Sims has finally revealed the cover art and tracklist of his upcoming album, Enlightened, which drops on 9th July, 2016.

Guests on ‘Enlightened’ include Tasila Mwale, Sulavye (his twin brother), Toxiq (his elder brother), Olivia, Cho and Shaps.
Check out the full tracklist below and an explanation from Lo Sims about the project's concept:


1 Free Will

2 Worth Saving

3 Empty Skies (Ft. Sulavye)

4 Perseverance

5 Bliss

6 Light Bearer

7 Enlightened

8 Moral Breakdown (Ft. Toxiq  & Sulavye)

9 Unborn Beauty P.1 (Ft. Tasila Mwale)

10 Unborn Beauty P.2 (Ft. Olivia)

11 Mama’s Wounds (Ft. Sulavye)

12 Worry Not (Ft. Cho) (Acoustic version)

13 Worry Not (Ft. Cho) 

14 Amalumbo Kulimwe (Ft. Shaps)

“'The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. The most basic level of enlightenment is the knowledge of sin, and without that knowledge, everything else is pointless. God keeps your lamp burning; he turns your darkness into light.'
These golden words are a reflection of what I was penning down when I sat down to breathe life into this project.
The album is a journey written around my experiences and other people’s experiences; it welcomes you into my world as I offer my perspective on certain controversial issues such as abortion, free will and moral decay which are leading people away from the light of Christ. My perspective is embedded in God’s word as embracing God’s word gives light and understanding to man. In a nutshell, I wish to share this light with the rest of humanity through my music.
This new project has notably a new sound deep rooted in it as compared to Lo Sims previous music and this will probably capture a heterogenic audience."

Lo Sims came on the music scene with ‘A Path Revealed’ mixtape and won the 2015 Conscious Song of The Year in the Kountapoint Online Awards. Download music by Lo Sims HERE

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