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Vermelho Quente, might have a queer name but she has some of the strongest bars I’ve heard from a young talent. Her blend of spoken word and steady-paced cadence rap is a musical serenade. In a music genre so handicapped when it comes to finding female rappers and severely crippled in finding any with any actual talent, Vermelho Quente is hope among the rubble.

The journey of a believer to get to their destiny is one full of strife. It calls for endurance, character and confidence.  The grace of the Almighty is the only providence one can look to. Such is the content Vermelho proclaims on “Red Hot Fire”. Her resilience and calm makes her most captivating to listen to. At some points on the track, though, I would look for that conflicting non-synchronizing flow with the beat but suffice to say, Vermelho held her own pretty well.

Josh courtesy 911 skillfully marked his signature on the production and jumped on the hook. The sound he gave on the production was mildly techno, fairly trap, clap-some and has a brazen jungle drum roll which remarkably serves Vermelho a platter to host her bars. The hook, on the other hand, was flat and partially incoherent. Josh is an amazing rapper. His talents leave him better suited for a fiery sixteen than a wishy-washy chorus that fell agonizingly flat.

Vermelho Quente is an amazing talent and shows great promise. However, in an industry laud for one-hit wonders that eventually fade into oblivion, caution and reflection should be employed. Riding on the success and great reception of this single, Vermelho should work even harder to continually prove herself. Hip Hop, Christian or not, will always be a competitive sport. It demands the best out of all of us—musician and listener, rapper and audience. Let’s make Hip Hop proud, and while we at it, put that “Red Hot Fire” our play-list.  


Production: 4/5

Lyrics: 5/5

Creativity: 3.5/5

Delivery: 3.5/5

Concept: 4/5

Kountapoint Ratings: 4/5   

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