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They say gossip dies when it hits a wise person’s ears because they pay no mind to it so really you needn’t fear. But wait, who are ‘they’ and should we really believe what they have to say? How are ‘they’ able to place so much trust in this ‘wise person’ they speak of and for one thing how do they even know this person exists? Well, the answers to these questions are totally subjective so your understanding of this article will determine your views on the topic at hand. Let us get into it then.

If there was a way to convert the energy exploited in spreading a good scandal or an ‘almost true’ rumour into a form of electrical energy I bet Zambia wouldn’t even know what load shedding is. We probably wouldn’t even need ZESCO but that’s another topic altogether, back to the subject.

Very few people can deny that they don’t appreciate the amazing act of a juicy story dripping off the lips of another and flowing directly into our ears creating this vivid motion picture in which the leading role is played by some poor guy whose miles away and obviously unable to defend himself but either way we share his supposedly true works of art across the land and by the time the poor chap has a chance to speak out ‘umulomo’ would have already had the best of all of us that we most likely won’t believe him.

Take gospel artist and Lota House member, Tio Nason for example, his recent pilus endeavours caused quite a din on social media but quite frankly I would bet a million kwacha (which I wish I had by the way) that most of the people that participated in Tio’s online lapidation didn’t even know why they had rocks in hand.

Silly comments and memes where being circulated all over the internet, he was deemed a flamboyant homosexual, a confused young pastor and the one that really ‘killed me’ as the kids like to say these days was one meme that showed a picture of Tio in his new hairdo mashed up with a picture of a Llama that apparently knows Tio’s stylist too, coincidence? I think not!

The scandal in this case obviously is our brother’s new hairdo but the gossip is the continued slandering that he has probably continued to face. Proverbs 18:8 reads ‘The words of gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a man’s inmost parts.’ That clearly explains why even after a victim of malicious rumours has exhausted all attempts to clear his/her name the gossip still continues because well it’s had to stop and with Tio being a public figure it won’t be long before we hear a song or two about pastors under 30 and their new found fashion fetish.

Anyway, similar to Tio’s case is a rumour or scandal that you are just from hearing, and no! it doesn’t have to be about hair, silly. It just has to be ‘almost true’. Believe me it’s no secret there are lies all around us but the real secret is how to differentiate lie from truth and alas the never ending battle between wisdom and ‘umulomo’.

Gossip is hard to ignore, we’ve established that by now but hard doesn’t mean impossible. ‘A wicked man listens to evil lips, a liar pays attention to a malicious tongue.’-Proverbs 17;4. So gossip involves listening, who are you listening to? It involves paying attention, what are you giving your attention to?

Search for the truth hidden in every scandal or rumour and you’ll most likely find that it was a bunch of lies that fed the hype. Besides we are in 2015 people if it wasn’t caught on camera its probably not even true. A Hema proverb says wisdom is like fire. People take it from others. Simply put, you are the company you keep. So you could either be the wicked man that listens to lies or you could be the cool, calm wise guy who kills the gossip once it reaches his ears.

These are my views so please feel free to agree or disagree but one thing I know we will all agree on is if we ran like our mouths, we would be in damn good shape.



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