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If you’ve seen him on stage then you know that Luka is quite the spoken word performer—passionate, provokingly sentimental, with a grueling self abandonment that teleports him and the audience to the scenery of his poems. When asked why he performs this way, Luka often says, “I know pain. I’ve lived at her home and we shared a life together, so communicating that pain, whether mine or someone else’s, comes easy to me.”

Born and raised on the Copperbelt, Luka fell in love with reading at the age of 9 and poetry at 11. His teenage years were hall-marked by an exponential rise in his intellectual abilities but a dwindling in his social abilities. “I took the whole develop your mind thing a tad too seriously, all I did was read—magazines, witchcraft manuals, biographies, I read them all; by seventeen I realized I had pathetic people skills that needed to be developed. I literally had to teach myself how to be an extrovert, or at least imitate one.”

After accidentally finding out that he had oratory potential in the eleventh grade, Luka pursued public speaking, which charted him to leadership roles in high school and eventually…onto the stage as a poet.

“I really don’t consider myself much of a poet, or a writer, I like to think of myself as a Social Scientist. I merge the intellectual, emotional and spiritual in one social laboratory, which is storytelling.”

Luka believes historical Christianity is true and that the bible is the infallible word of God, and apart from intellectual or emotional deduction to that truth he strives to show how it plays out in the social context.

“It’s no lie a lot of Movies, not all of them, have lied to us, telling us you can sleep around and not conceive a baby or catch an STI or how you can kill someone and it not affect you. I want to tell people’s stories through my art, but as honestly and true to life as I can. More than just say to shady characters, ‘repent and believe’, I want them to know how Christ applies to their situation with disarming honesty.

He is signed to BitterSweet Poetry.

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