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Born in a village called Masunga in Botswana, Ludo (which means love) is a Lusaka based Singer, Rapper and Poet.

From 1st grade, she fell in love with music class and by third grade composed her first song called "Chariots of Fire". Composing music became her addiction, most of the time never actually writing down what she composed but committing it to memory.

Thanks to her brother Chiko, Ludo grew up listening to 2Pac, Biggy, Talib Kweli , Lauryn hill, Ludacris, Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg, Lil Kim, Xzibit , Eve, Eminem, Mr cheeks, and Bone thugs n harmony. She liked rap music just not aware that she would grow up to be a great rapper herself.

In form 4 (11th grade), she joined the School poetry club, and only after that did she realise she had skill. With Poetry, it was easy to make the transition to rapping and proceeded to participate in her first rap battle in her high school and won.

After completing high school, Ludo moved to Zambia in 2006. She later stumbled upon a Rap Cypher hosted by So Good Entertainment that saw her feature on Krytics' mixtape, 'District Rhyme' and there on started building a following.

Ludos' love for Poetry saw her grace the local Poetry scene time and time again, which got her noticed and signed to BitterSweet Poetry.

Her love for music has never been more intense. Through music she wants to be the voice that reminds people that you don't have to sell yourself to sell yourself. The voice that inspires people to embrace themselves, and with Gods help she will achieve this.

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