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1  Beyond The Scars



Emily Hakoola is a songwriter and a singer Born on 14th February, 1998 in a small town called Kafue in Zambia. Her heart and love for music started when she was 5 years after she started listening to Micheal Jackson, Lutricia Mcneal and The Spice Girls. In 2010 she released a single called Reason Why, and continued writing and trying to improve her skills. She loves writing music and says it's the best way for her to tell stories, communicate and deliver any form of message. 

"I am an Angel," Emily says, "I believe so, because I'm here to deliver Gods message to his people. I thank God for this gift I have and my parents for letting me be my own self and express myself in the best way I can." My favorite person being her mother. Emily believes no one is perfect on their own but through God's grace we are all made perfect. With her music Emily hopes to explain herself better and tell you that we are all beautiful. "I give you me..."

Emily Hakoola is currently signed to BitterSweet Poetry Zambia.


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