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THE J-WALKERS T3 are a Gospel music group from Chingola Zambia founded in 2012. The full name is: THE JESUS WALKERS TRIPPLE 3. The seven member Team comprises of one Poet KB#thepoet (Kabwe Bulaya), one Female rap Artist & Drummer Thrizzy (Chawanzi Bulaya), one Male Rap Artist TRAVIS (Wongani Bulaya) ,three Vocalists Cee Jay (Suwilanji Mwamba), Jasmine (Norma Brobbey) & Olivia Sunkutu and the head of THE J•WALKERS-MOVEMENT being Elijah Sinyangwe. The Tripple 3 is with reference to Psalms 33:3 which is the main vision & standpoint of the Team, with "PLAY A CREATIVE SONG" being the main focus. In this light THE J-WALKERS love to think of themselves as a Movement & not a music group, this is due to the insatiable desire they possess to Spread the gospel through music with a Dance-Hall feel to it. In 2013 the team dropped an underground mix-tape called GENESIS. Two years later they dropped an official album dubbed: EPIKAIZO (greek translation: UNDER THE SHADOW OF GOD). The Jwalkers Live by Colossians 3:23 "...Work heartily as for God and not for men..." and its this verse that makes them appreciate the fact that: "the purpose of Christianity is not to avoid difficulty but to create a character adequate to meet it when it comes" James L. Christensen

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