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Klem is a gospel minister, producer, singer, song writer and a rapper. He is also one of the leaders of a gospel music movement called The Voice crew; a group of talented artists all signed to Klem StrinG Entertainment where Klem is CEO.

“Most of all I love God and believe that He is the help to my soul, for He is the reason why I am who I am and alive, and I long to get to know Him more and love Him deeper every day. He speaks for me when people accuse me falsely and restores my joy, lifts me up when am down and always never leaving me!”

Klem has a passion for music and Automotive Technology but also extends his investments into the Business sector. “I, like most individuals, have great ambitions and by the grace of God I hope to get settled someday, get married and have kids, expand our studio into a big residential recording studio," he said. His other interests include; movies, watching soccer, travelling to different countries, making friends and networking. Klem believes people need each other in life and tries his best to connect with most people regardless of social status and/or differences in opinions.

“I believe in working hard" he said. "A certain Professor once told me all things are attainable. All I had to do is try and push my mind a little harder to find solutions.”

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